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Dr Trusha’s SkinRay Clinic is an advanced dermatology and cosmetology clinic run under the leadership of Dr Trusha Shah.

Our clinic is a state of art tertiary care centre for all skin and hair related issues.

Dr Trusha’s skill and experience combined with world class equipment and technology makes our clinic one of a kind in Maninagar thus being a one stop solution for all dermatology as well as cosmetology problems.

At SkinRay our sole focus is the safety and satisfaction of our patients which we aim to achieve using the best and latest technology in all our equipments combined with extreme care and eagle eye precision of Dr Trusha.

Dr Trusha’s vision who herself was a Gold Medalist in her PG days, combined with extreme dedication and passion about her field is to raise the aesthetic medicine standard of Ahmedabad by offering skills of high precision and an unique blend of global luxury treatments in addition to treating all the simple and complex dermatological diseases.

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Dr. Trusha Shah

MBBS, M.D. (Gold Medalist)
Dermatology | Trichology | Cosmetology
Registration No. G-56728

Dr Trusha Shah (M.B.B.S, M.D) is the chief dermatologist and founder of SkinRay Clinic. She has always been excellent in academics. She completed her M.B.B.S from the \prestigious BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad with flying colors and her Post Graduation from Pramukhswami Medical College, Karamsad where she received two Gold Medals. One for achieving the highest marks in the field of Dermatology and another for having the highest number of PubMed publications to her name in the entire Sardar Patel University.

From her early residency days, she has attended multiple National Conferences in which she has been awarded numerous awards for paper and poster presentation. She has a special interest in scientific and ethical practices of clinical and cosmetic dermatology and trichology.

She has worked for 3 years under the guidance of renowned dermatologist and cosmetologist Dr Geeta Patel at Zahra Clinic, Ahmedabad where she has honed her skills in advanced dermatological and cosmetic procedures involving the latest technologies.

Anyone who knows Dr Trusha can easily vouch for her knowledge and skills in addition to her extreme dedication and eye for detail. Her honesty, ethics and practical approach is an advantage to the patient and maintaining a calm and healthy environment in the clinic.

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Monday to Saturday  – 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM

Monday to Saturday – 04:00 PM to 07:00 PM

Sunday – Closed

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